Christopher Dresser & The Celtic Revival

Elkington Chalice and Jugs

The Elkington & Co Jugs are 9 inches high and were produced in sterling silver and silver plate. The sterling silver version (right) was made by Frederick Elkington in Birmingham and hallmarked for 1887, while the silverplate version (left) was made in 1898. Both are numbered as model 16595, next in series to the ebony handled jug below, model 16594, annotated "Dresser" in the Elkington Sketch Book.

A variation on the body shape was also used by Dresser for a claret jug, Elkington model 16587, later reissued by Elkington as a water jug for the P&O shipping line.

Dresser had a long association with Elkington, starting around 1865. A design for a doorplate, dated 1866 in the Elkington archives, has Celtic interlaces and is attributed to Dresser. However it took almost 20 years for Elkington to release a major run of Dresser designed items, around 1885, including those below.

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Christopher Dresser & The Celtic Revival